NWA 4360  (1,630 g)

NWA 4360 (1,630 g)

This is 1 of only 4 approved meteorites classified as R3.6


Northwest Africa 4360

Northwest Africa

Find: 2005

Rumuriti chondrite (R3.6)

History: The meteorite was recovered by an anonymous finder in the western part of the Sahara and purchased by the main mass holder in Erfoud, Morocco in 2005.

Physical characteristics:Approximately 100 fragments totaling 308.5 g were found.

Petrography: (A. Greshake, MNB). Clearly defined chondrules, chondrule and mineral fragments, all embedded into a fine-grained matrix. In thin section the meteorite appears unbrecciated.

Mineral compositions: Olivine (Fa34±11; range Fa0.3-39.8), low-Ca pyroxene (Fs16.1±5.6; range Fs9.3-24.7), augite (Fs9.2Wo46.7).

Classification: Rumuruti chondrite (R3.6); S4, moderate weathering.

Type specimens: A total of 23.2 g plus one polished thin section are on deposit at MNB. HSSH holds the main mass.


Place of purchase: Erfoud, Morocco
Date: 2005
Mass (g): 308.5
Pieces: many
Class: R3.6
Type spec mass (g): 23.2


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