NWA 753 - Thin Section

NWA 753 - Thin Section

Northwest Africa 753

Northwest Africa

Found 2000

Rumuruti chondrite (R3.9)

12 kg of this meteorite in many pieces was purchased in Rissani in 2001 January.  It was probably found in the Kem Kem region. Classification and mineralogy (A. Sokol and A. Bischoff, Mün): the sample appears to be unbrecciated in thin section; olivine, Fa38.6±3.2 (range Fa20–41, n = 36); Ca-poor pyroxene, Fs20.3±4.0 (range Fs8–30, n = 24); Ca-pyroxene, Fs9.1±0.5Wo47.6±1.8; plagioclase, An11.4±1.7; shock stage, S2; weathering grade, W2, making it one of the freshest R chondrites besides Rumuruti; sulfides are well preserved. See also Bischoff et al. (2001). Main mass with purchaser; type specimen, 52 g, and thin section, Mün.



Origin or pseudonym: Kem Kem
Place of purchase: Rissani
Date: P Jan 2001
Mass (g): 12 kg
Pieces: many
Class: R3.9
    120,00 €Preis
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