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Mundrabilla (7,830g)

Mundrabilla (7,830g)


Place of find: On the Nullarbor Plain, approximately 26 km NE. of the Mundrabilla siding on the Trans-Australian railway. The two masses were found 1.3 km apart.

127°45'S., 30°46'E.

Date of find: 1979

Class and type: Iron. Anomalous.

Number of individual

specimens: 2 main masses and numerous small knuckle-shaped pieces.

Total weight: 1640 kg approximately

Circumstances of find: The two further large masses (no. 3 and no. 4 weighing 840 kg and 800 kg respectively) were found by Mr. A. J. Carlisle about 20 km east of the site where two Mundrabilla masses (no. 1 and no. 2) were found in 1966.

Source: J.R. de Laeter, School of Physics and Geosciences, Western Australian Institute of Technology, Kent Street, Bentley, Western Australia, Australia.

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