NWA 10351  (21,767 g)

NWA 10351 (21,767 g)

Place of purchase: Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines, France
Date: P June 2015
Mass (g): 1627
Pieces: 1
Class: H3
Shock stage: S1
Weathering grade: W2
Fayalite (mol%): 17.7±6.8 (3.3-23.8, n=36)
Ferrosilite (mol%): 14.5±7.5 (0.6-23.1, n=34)
Wollastonite (mol%): 1.2±1.5 (0.2-4.7, n=34)
Classifier: A. Greshake, MNB
Type spec mass (g): 27.8
Type spec location: MNB
Main mass: Hanno Strufe
Comments: Well-developed chondritic texture, with chondrules of various types about 0.3 in diameter in a fine-grained matrix of chondrule and mineral fragments and FeNi metal.; submitted by Ansgar Greshake



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