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NWA 3106 (5,854 g)

NWA 3106 (5,854 g)

Northwest Africa 3106


Found 2003

Achondrite (diogenite)

A single, 130 g complete stone was purchased in Rissani in December, 2003. Description and classification (T. Bunch and J. Wittke, NAU): brecciated, monomict diogenite with subrounded clasts that range from shock level S2 to S4; metal-rich (metal = 11.7 vol. %). Low-Ca pyroxene shows a narrow compositional range in all clasts and matrix: Fs30.0–30.7Wo3.4–3.9, Fe/Mn = 23.8 – 26.6; plagioclase, An94.2; kamacite, Ni = 5.9 wt %; taenite, Ni = 39.9 wt %. Low weathering grade, slight oxidation and staining. Specimens: 20.4 g, NAU; main mass, Oakes.



Place of purchase:Rissani
Mass (g):130
Type spec mass (g):20.4


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