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NWA 4642  (2,450 g)

NWA 4642 (2,450 g)

Northwest Africa 4642

Northwest Africa

Find: 2006

Enstatite achondrite

History: The meteorite was found by an anonymous finder in northwest Africa and bought by the main mass holder in Erfoud, Morocco.

Physical characteristics: One fragment of 483.2 g partly covered with fusion crust was found.

Petrography: (A. Greshake, MNB) The meteorite predominantly consists of subhedral enstatite grains. Minor phases include feldspar, Fe-Cr-sulfides, and rare Fe,Ni-metal; no chondrules were found.

Geochemistry: Pyroxene, Fs0–1.2. Oxygen Isotopes (I. A. Franchi and R. C. Greenwood, OU): δ172.975‰, δ185.614‰, Δ170.056‰.

Classification: Enstatite achondrite; low degree of shock, moderate degree of weathering.

Type specimens: A total of 22.6 g and one polished thin section are on deposit at MNBHSSH holds the main mass.


State/Prov/County: Morocco

Date: 2006

Mass (g): 483.2

Pieces: 1

Class: Enstatite achondriteFerrosilite (mol%):0-1.2

Classifier: A. Greshake, MNB

Type spec mass (g): 22.6

Type spec location: MNB

Main mass: HSSH

Comments: δ17O = 2.975‰, δ18O = 5.614‰, Δ17O = 0.056‰.

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